David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants – Great Color Inspiration from Kew Gardens!


We’re in the middle of a new mini-series on TV here in Australia – David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants – and true to form, it is totally amazing! Botanics are the main inspiration for most of my work, so I am glued to the couch for this wonderful series. The amount of time spent and expertise applied to this massive project will make it a ‘must see’ for anyone who loves plants and gardens.

Enamel color palette - Mushrooms


When the first episode went to air it was followed by a short doco ‘The Making of the Kingdom of Plants’

I always watch these type of documentaries, I’m fascinated by how people do things, how stuff works and the strange skills some people have that are crucial to getting these amazing shots.

If you were ever stuck for a new colour palette, watching this mini-series will give you enough to last several lifetimes, not to speak of all the other design inspiration on offer. I hope you like the colours I picked from one of the fungus shots.

One day I’d love to go to Kew Gardens and get lost there for a week, or 10 – I don’t suppose I’d even get close to the fabulous historical collections they have – but I’m sure any time there would be well spent!


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