Lines for Enamels – Week 1

This week’s lines come from a box of wooden beads that have been standing on my bench just begging to be made into something….. I bet they never thought they were just going to get their portrait done! 🙂

Weekly line drawing for enameling
Line drawing in jewelry shape

Use your favourite viewfinder to get the lines transferred to a jewellery shape…….

The shapes are very strong this week, making this design very suitable for other things than enameling. You could cut the shapes out of manilla and paste them to another piece as a base, then use it for roller-printing. Or use slightly thicker card to make into a similar collage that can be used as a texture plate for Metal clay….. hmmmm, I can see that already made!

Please feel free to right-click and save this image to your own computer. If you use this drawing and come up with something nice, post it Enamelista on Facebook and share it with everyone!

Please note: You can use these drawings to design things for your own use or for sale, in any way you like. The drawings themselves are not to be used for resale in any way.


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Jody Kidd - November 12, 2012 Reply

Oh I hope so Carol, you need to get going, once you do you’ll get in the groove again!

Carol - November 12, 2012 Reply

Great page Maggie, might just take you up on this and use the drawing, perhaps the slug can get up off the sofa and loire up the kiln

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