Got up early (again) this morning, look at what I saw out of my back door! My Melbourne studio has a small shopping centre at the back and as the sun came up it cast this golden glow over all the buildings, and the balloons! I thought that was a nice start to the day. Later I had to go out and saw that one of the balloons was very low, lower than I’d ever seen one, I thought they were going to land in the street! It came in right at the back of my studio, drifting slowly…..

balloon-over-studio2I took a few minutes as it passed overhead, it was amazing to watch, the people in it waved and I could see their faces! The balloon was kept at a steady height, I could see (and hear) the burner being used.

balloon-over-studio3 (1)I wonder if a fear of heights would be a problem going up in one of these???? It looked so peaceful up there. It must have been very cold up there though, I know I was! Have you been up in one of those??? What’s it like, scary?

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