Wisteria Colour Palette

My Garden at Tamborine Mountain was beautiful and even though we have moved away from there the photos I took are still inspiring me.

This week’s palette comes from the Wisteria that grew over the latice work of the pergola.
Tamborine is a cooler climate than most of Queensland, this is where Wisteria is just brilliant.
It gives very dense leaf cover in Summer, this keeps the heat off the windows, but in winter all the foliage is gone, letting the sun come through and all the flowers appear, I love that!

Wisteria Enamel Palette by Enamelista.com


The colours of the flowers are rich and beautiful, just on the cool side of purple. They contrast nicely with the surrounding foliage.
I’ve concentrated on just two colours for the background; a Blue-Green, nearly teal and a bright Yellow-Green That is nearly the perfect complimentary
of the purple. I think this palette would make a gorgeous enamel!

Look at the distribution of the colours I picked, work out a rough percentage of the total area and how dominant it is, try to keep the balance right if you’re planning to use this palette.

If you like this week’s image, please feel free to download the image to your computer (right-click; Save as…) and share it with your friends and followers!

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Jody Kidd - January 21, 2013 Reply

Yes I was thinking that, prisma colours are gorgeous too Carol!
It’s more about getting some palettes ready, to apply to any design you might come up with:)
Summer is a good time for designing!

Carol - January 21, 2013 Reply

Love these colors Maggie, shame it’s too hot for enameling! Umm could playnwithnprisma colour though

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