The Move – The Saga Continues


Well, we finally got everything moved back to Queensland! Boxes everywhere, this seems to be the story of my life for the last 2-3 years! It shouldn’t really amaze me how much I can accumulate in such a short time, it’s ‘Abundance in Action’ I reckon! Books, more books and then another stack of books…..

Tools, more tools and then another lot of tools…. I freely admit to these being my major vices, I just can’t resist a good book! And when I go into town to buy some clothes, because I haven’t got a thing to wear, I’ve been known to go to the jeweller’s suppliers first, to get the business shopping out of the way, then having to go back home because I blew all my clothing allowance on tools!And still have nothing to wear!!!! Never mind, nobody will see me while I’m playing at the bench with my new tools!

So, the removalists got to the studio in Brunswick on a Saturday morning, both of them nearly died of shock! I had everything packed and stacked. ‘The office’ had sent a man 6 weeks earlier to come and have a look and give us a quote. He had told the guys on the truck that it would be a ‘2 man job’ Of course they didn’t agree and thought 4 men would be needed. OMG, what a disaster! I thought they would leave there and then! But after much ‘consultation’ with the office, they got started.

Looking at them going up & down the stairs for about 30 min. Peter couldn’t stand it any longer and decided to help them for the rest of the day. He’s so kind-hearted, of course, he was totally knackered when it was all loaded up!

Long story short, now everything’s back in Queensland, a 2 day drive from Victoria, all the boxes have been put in the factory next to Peter’s. I’m getting the back-half of that, it’ll be a good space for my workshops. My own tools etc are going to my home studio (3 minutes drive from the factory)  I have a single garage here, it has been converted into a nice studio, air-con etc. in place.  I have been teaching there for the past 2 years, but after January I’ll have the studio at the factory to teach from and my home space will be all mine! Yay!

Stuff everywhere!

So, every day I bring some boxes back from the factory and bit by bit, as I can stand it, get things sorted out and put away.
NOT my favourite job in the world!
But I’m keeping the end goal in mind and that keeps me on track and motivated. I am a sprinter, I tend to work in short spurts, ‘go like the clappers’ then collapse in a heap! There’s no relief at the moment, my usually ‘escape’ is to my bench, but I haven’t found all my tools & materials yet, so it’s impossible to work on anything much.

Putting it all away

Putting it all away

Luckily I borrowed a few great books from Robyn (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo & The Girl Who Played With Fire, parts 1 & 2 of a trilogy) and they are keeping me sane! I hope to get at least my own stuff sorted by Xmas, I seriously need to make some work! I haven’t been able to make any jewellery for over two months now! And it’s driving me nuts!
Okay, breathe……
Calm again….:)
Remember Kaizen -> baby-steps……

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carol gregory - December 24, 2009 Reply

Looking good already!

StudioSylvia - December 17, 2009 Reply

Hi Maggie.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Lovely to hear from you. Your move was of’ epic proportions’ to borrow someone else’s words. You won’t know yourself once your space is organised. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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