Introducing My New Book – Enameling on Copper!

Enameling on Copper Book

With the disruptions of the G20 behind us here in Brisbane,  I’ve been thinking about the positives and how it should bring all the countries of the world closer together. The city has been a crazy place to negotiate as buildings and car parks were made secure and kept off-limits to the general public.

Brisbane Colors at G20

But there were perks! There was live music playing everywhere and the Brisbane City Council put on a great show of color! Light shows, colorful images projected onto buildings, all quiet magical. It was then just a small jump for me to party with all my jewelry friends, even friends I haven’t met yet! Everybody joining together, from all over the world, and getting our own color happening: with Enameling on Copper!

Enamel on Copper Materials

What’s Included?

Enameling on Copper is a beginners guide and it covers all the basics:
  • Tools & materials (incl. whether you can get by with just a torch)
  • How to prep your enamels and why some need no prep at all
  • Basic enameling principles and application techniques
  • Firing enamels by torch and in a kiln
  • Decorative techniques – this is why we enamel and the sky is the limit!
  • All brought together with easy to follow projects
  • Free download links inside the book will get you printable templates for all the projects
  • And a Color Wheel, designed by me to help you pick your colors

Beginners Step by Step Projects

The Basic Techniques are clearly described to make it easy to follow along at home. How to Prepare Transparent enamel

From preparing enamel powders.

Firing Enamel on Copper

To achieving the perfectly fired surface.

But technique alone is not enough, so at the end of each specialized chapter there’s a project to allow you to apply what you’ve learned. Simply Sifted Spiral Pendant from: Enameling on Copper by Maggie Bergman

Simply sifted enamel, the most basic technique, nothing fancy, just beautiful by itself.

Sgraffito Wrap Ring Project

The Sgraffito project: a lovely Wrapped Ring – one size fits all and no soldering required!

Blue Enamel Pendant from Enameling on Copper

A simple but very effective technique to get beautiful patterns on your enamel jewelry.

Stencilled Enamel Bracelet from: Enameling on Copper

Stencils are another fun way to add interest, the possibilities are endless!

Etched enamel earrings from: Enameling on Copper

Even the simplest designs can be enhanced by surface treatments like these stunning earrings with contrasting Matte & Gloss areas.

So…if you’ve ever thought about trying to enamel on copper, or you might even have tried it before and got lost in the process, this book is for you! I can’t wait to hear how you like it! And maybe you’d do me a huge favour and leave a nice review on Amazon, I’d really appreciate that!

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