Flower Brooch


Leucadendron Drawing

I bought a bunch of flowers…. to cheer myself up:)  I always like the more sculptural flowers, Proteas, Waratahs and these Leucadendrons. All these are from the same botanical family, originating from South Africa, they grow very well in Australian gardens. One flower had broken off it’s stem and was laying there, teasing me, so I just had to draw it. I worked with white paint pen on black paper, then coloured it using Prismacolor pencils.


I liked the top drawing’s overall shape, I thought it would make a nice brooch or pendant (or both!) so I made a simplified drawing and reduced the size a little as well.

leucondendron_broochSo here it is, it’s two layers of sterling silver sweat soldered together. The top layer was pierced out and I applied a patina to the whole piece, then sanded it back to the finish I wanted. I really enjoyed making this brooch, I might have to do a few more of them, make a series of them. Do you do this sort of thing too? Just drawing etc. then making it into something else?

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