UFOs – That Means ‘Un-Finished Objects’ to me!

My lifestyle over the past 3-4 years has been a bit hectic to say the least.  But things are settling down  and I have decided that the time is finally right to tackle my box of UFOs!

This is a big box, bigger that a shoebox, filled with bags of all sorts of projects in various stages for construction. These were made as workshop projects, others just because an idea got started but never finished. Some only need a brooch pin, others were made but not soldered yet, anyway I’m sure you’re getting my drift! This week I finished this chain. I’m happy with the finished piece, it wears well and is a bit different from my other chains. It was also started as a workshop sample, trying to show students that you don’t have to have round or oval links! Of course everything I do is a work in progress, I might make it longer some time, I’m also thinking of applying a patina to make it black and a little more casual. We’ll see, for now I’m happy to be finishing things and not spending any money to make new stuff! Do you have UFOs lying around? Or are you the super organised type that starts something and finishes it before starting something else?

Silver Chain - Black

I like it better with a black patina & I made some earrings to match

So it has changed again:) Black this time. I seem to get a lot more wear out of it in black. The next incarnation (yes it’s changing again) is going to be a longer one, I can always hook it to be short again.

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