Is it a Brooch? – Is it a Pendant? Well….it is Both of Course!


Since I moved back to Queensland and not wearing the heavier clothes I wore in Melbourne, my brooches are also sadly neglected! So I decided to make a simple converter, turning my brooches into pendants. converter piece

This one is permanently attached to a leather choker.  It is made up of 2 pieces of sterling tube, soldered together, the bottom tube is the right size for the brooch pin, the top tube is selected for the chain, wire or leather it must take.

Coverter for brooches

The Pin is put through the bottom tube and fastened as normal. Care must be taken that the sharp end of the pin does not protrude too much, it can hook into clothing or skin!

Copper & Sterling silver brooch - converted to a pendant

The brooch turned into a pendant!

Brooch converter

Here’s another one, this time for a little enamelled brooch I made years ago. This pin is a lot smaller, but it works the same way.

Sterling silver converter piece

Brooch converter

Enamelled Brooch/Pendant

And here it is, I prefer wearing it as a pendant, better than a brooch.

Although I soldered 2 pieces of sterling tube to make these findings, they could easily be made of Metal Clay, just extrude 2 tubes and join them with some paste.

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