A Kaleidoscope Made From A Drawing


This morning I came across some images I liked at Flickr, these were by Dutch artist Birgit Doesborg. Take a look at her PlantAliens. I felt the urge to try this with a few of my own images, so I set up some Actions in Photoshop to see how that would go. I liked the results, then did it again, this time with one of my Kelp Roots line drawings. Look what came out of that:)

Kelp Root Line Drawing 2

Doubled up twice

I did a few more but they became too much like wallpaper. I had a nice time to play with Photoshop for a while! I think I will call it Work Time, that way I didn’t ‘waste’ any time at all! Playtime is essential, things get very stale and humdrum if you don’t take time to play. Great to see I take my own advice for a change:) I’m going to try and do some colour drawings soon, they should be interesting to try this on.

Kelp root drawing doubled up again

Doubled up again

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