Mum & Me Bracelet Finished


Well, it’s about time… lots of things interfered but now it’s finished! Read how this bracelet was conceived here. There were a few challenges along the way……

The little sections of the embroidery were not easy to fit, especially because the bracelet is double-sided. In the end, I cut a special die for the little extruder and made a channel section that could take both sides and some firm material in between to keep everything from collapsing.

I left the embroidery exposed, still haven’t made up my mind what I can use to protect it without changing the look of the fabric. I have used some of Mom’s writing on a couple of the pieces, it was from a note she packed when she sent me the finished embroidery.

Mum & Me Bracelet - Front

On the back of the clasp, I used the 3 letter symbol Mom ‘signed’ her work with, the front holds my Mom’s thumbprint, symbolising how she holds the family together, even now at 92! You knew that your children will never grow up, didn’t you? Just ask my Mum, she’ll tell you:) It is always nice to know she’s there,  even though we are far apart and never mind our ages, she’s always ready to help with some wisdom or the odd home remedy when something is wrong:)

Mum & Me Bracelet - back

Update: Mum passed away 30-10-2011, just 3 months after I finished our bracelet. She loved the bracelet and the concept behind it, showing it to everyone who would stop long enough:) I miss her every day, but her wisdom lives on in everything my siblings and I do

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