12 Small Squares – Drawing at the Beach

I love to just sit somewhere and draw little snippets of whatever is around, or I might go for a walk, pick things up and bring them back to the studio. While my husband watches TV I get my small sketchbook out and draw some 1″ squares. Then I take one of my finds and draw a few of the things that catch my interest, not the whole thing, just a little area of interest. I did this last year when we went to one of our favourite beaches at Byron Bay (in Northern NSW, Australia) Peter went for a walk and I just sat and ‘did my squares’

20120515-072243.jpg I’m surprised how these little squares have stuck in my brain! I’ve used them for a few designs, but the more I do the more I want to use them! It’s amazing how versatile a simple line drawing can be, the different techniques and materials you can use them for!

    Filigree Scraffito a Cloisonné & Champlevé Enamels Pierced designs, as they are or sweat soldered to a background Etching PMC – PPP ……. The list goes on!

So I was just thinking to make it into a more ‘formal’ project, see what I can do with my Squares and post the results here, sound a like a fun thing to do! I’ll keep you posted:)


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