More Converts to Enameling on Copper!

This week’s class focussed on stencilled enamels.

We used all kind of stencils, from hand-cut paper,  pierced metal, to found objects. More work got done this week and there was a great spirit of adventure and experimentation all night! I’m not sure I should get paid to teach this class, it is way too much fun!  For the group, but also for me! Miranda swore she wasn’t going home that night, too addicted to the colours and all the things she wanted to try! Enameling with stencils I tired to get them to incorporate last week’s sgraffito, with this week’s stencils, but that didn’t quiet come off. Everyone was totally carried away by the possibilities of the stencils:) Here are some of the first results: Stencilled Enamels  

That was Tuesday night…..

Now fast forward to the Wednesday night metal work group…… We were sitting around in class, having a cup of coffee, when I told them about the enamelers. Who was in the group and how much fun they were having. They had seen some of my enamel demo pieces on my bench of course and were intrigued. So I showed them the samples for the course, anyway, long story short, they felt they were missing out and want to start enamelling as well! As you can imagine, they didn’t get much opposition from me, as you might have deduced already:) Blue-White-enamel pendant So, next week they are going to prepare their shapes, do some doming and when they think they have enough, we’ll start the enameling course! Yay!!! I would be perfectly happy to teach nothing else, hmmm there’s a thought! Exciting times in the studio:)

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