Finding a New 'Intention Word' for 2013

No Limits!

A few weeks ago Helga van Leipsig posted something on her blog that really got me thinking…… Her ‘Intention Word’ for this year is: ‘Playfulness’ and knowing Helga, there will be some interesting results to come from it! Can’t wait to see! So…. what should my word be? With my usual New Year’s practice of looking at the year just past, what was right and what could have gone better, and then thinking about what I would like to happen this year. Goals in general don’t really work for me, but I set them anyway just to see what that picture would look like and this gave me plenty to think about! I looked at all kinds of words and what they meant to me, but In the end it had to be ‘No Limits’. This year I am going to question myself where I set my comfort zone!

  • What I DO to limit myself… and
  • What DON’T I do that limits me!

This will apply to all areas of my life, personal, relationships, work, creativity and a whole lot more ! It’ll be interesting to see what will come of this, a little introspection goes a long way, this year is about doing things I’ve put off for a long time, about trying new things or joining new groups, who knows where this could lead!!! I’m excited about my word for this year, it’s making me think about all the possibilities

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