Testing Patinas on Copper

Copper is a favorite in my workshops. It’s a versatile metal, beautiful just as it is, but extending the colour range with different patinas creates even more possibilities.

Desiree's copper patinas

Desiree’s Patinas

  We used a variety of patinas:

  • Chemical – these react with the metal
  • Non-Chemical – these are applied to cold or preheated metal
The same patina (Baldwin's) applied to smooth and textured metal

The same patina (Baldwin’s) applied to smooth and textured metal

  Interesting effects were achieved by applying the patinas in layers, a base coat of Lime Sulfur gave a darker background for the brighter patinas. The non-chemical patinas were all from the Sculpt Nouveau range, the application is simple, brush or sponge onto the metal and allow to dry in between coats.

Jan's Patinas on copper

Jan’s Patinas

Copper also responds well to applied heat, forming a great range of colours, not all predictable, but the element of surprise adds to excitement! Heat patinas are usually very reliable, even unsealed, some of my red heat patinas are still as bright as ever 6 years later.  

Demo using Jel flux

Heather’s Demo using Jel flux – with Miranda, Jan and Bernelle

Last Tuesday Heather gave a demo of using Jel Flux  which was applied with a rubber stamp and then torch fired, this was the most exciting process for me, I had not tried it before. Further experiments with Jel Flux gave different results, more testing is needed!

Jel flux torch fired colours

Jel flux torch fired colours

Patinas might be used on copper & steel in the extended project  we’re working on Tuesday nights, nothing concrete is being produced for a while yet, testing materials and techniques will occupy us for some time yet!        

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