Etched & Enamelled Pendant by Heather Mikkelsen

We were having some very interesting enamelling in last Wednesday night’s class!

Miranda took the plunge and started enamelling one of her etched copper plates, this was a large piece she has earmarked for a box top or wall art. It behaved very strangely in the kiln, we abused it and refired it many times and the results are exciting! I’ll get some photos of that piece and tell you all about it later on this week.

Etched copper & enamel pendant by Heather Mikkelsen

Etched copper & enamel pendant by Heather Mikkelsen

The other excitement was because of Heather’s pendant. It was also made using etched copper plates.

The pendant is made up from 3 pieces, all etched, the front and insert were domed, underglaze and flux applied before firing, to bring out the texture.

The smaller domed piece is held in place by some sterling silver mesh with a hole burned out of the centre to hold and frame the setting. This was riveted to the tabbed backing plate, which then holds everything perfectly in place.

It was interesting to see the different colours using the same technique, the centre piece is quite red, while the front is a copper colour.

This pendant looks great on, the photo is not too bad for a workbench shot, but it doesn’t do the piece justice, this often happens with enamels!


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