Maggie’s Lemon Mousse

Serves 8

Maggie's Lemon MousseIngredients
4 – 6 lemons depending on the size
100 ml milk
150 ml Lemon Juice
2 Lemons Grated Rind
150 g caster sugar
4 egg yolks
1 Tbls. unflavored gelatin dissolved in ¼ cup of hot water
200 ml cream
4 Egg whites



  • Soak the gelatin in a quarter of a cup of hot water
  • Wash and dry lemons
- Finely grate the rind off 2 lemons
  • Cut in half horizontally and juice them, reserve clean skins to make the baskets, throw out the grated ones
  • Bring the milk with the lemon rind close to boiling point
When it’s close to boiling take it off the heat and let cool for 5 minutes
  • In a mixing bowl, beat 4 egg yolks with the sugar until creamy
  • Add lemon juice a little at a time
  • Add the hot milk and lemon rind mixture a little bit at a time, beating constantly
  • Heat mixture until thickened slightly, stirring constantly
  • Stir through the dissolved gelatin, cover and let it cool to hand-warm
  • Whip the egg whites until stiff peaks form and set aside
  • Whip the cream and fold it through the lemon mixture
  • Then gently fold through the egg whites
  • Cover and leave to set for 5-6 hours or overnight

Making the Lemon Baskets 

  • Cut a small slice off the bottom so they’re stable on a plate
  • Use a sharp,pointy knife to make a slit between the pith and the leftover insides, then pull the inside out to make a clean interior
  • Spoon the Lemon mousse in these lemon baskets using an Ice cream scoop or spoon (watch out for ‘jelly’ that might have formed in the bottom of the bowl, only use the mousse)

Garnish with a little cream and a raspberry or anything else that takes your fancy, I used canned Manderin segments

Lemon mousse could just as easily be served in small bowls or glasses, this would save a lot of work! Just pour it in and let it set.
Lemon baskets could be used to serve icecream, sorbet or fruit salad… Enjoy!

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