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Enamelled Headpins by Barbara Lewis

  Barbara Lewis uses these enamelled headpins  in her book ‘Toch Fired Enamel Jewelry’ There have been a few ‘issues’ with cracking of the enamel on headpins, so in this video Barbara shows us an easy way to get a better success rate. Using larger enamel particles, much bigger grains than the normal 80#. Check it […]

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1 Paper designs for jewellery ideas

Creativity & Play: Enjoyment Is the Key!

I believe that everybody is creative! No exceptions!
When students attend my classes for the first time I often hear remarks like this:
“I can’t even draw a straight line” (therefore I am not creative)
“I have tried things before but never really found anything I can do creatively” (so you can see I’m just not creative!)
“I have no ideas!” (that proves I’m not creative!)

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Brunswick Bracelet by Maggie Bergman

Brunswick Bracelet

Last year I created my Brunswick Bracelet for the Metalclay Masters Registry program, for which I was invited to be an adviser, only one of fifteen artists world-wide, I was in illustrious company there. This bracelet was one I would never have attempted if it hadn’t been for this program. The idea came about when […]

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Leucondendron sterling silver brooch

Flower Brooch

Leucadendron Drawing I bought a bunch of flowers…. to cheer myself up:)  I always like the more sculptural flowers, Proteas, Waratahs and these Leucadendrons. All these are from the same botanical family, originating from South Africa, they grow very well in Australian gardens. One flower had broken off it’s stem and was laying there, teasing […]

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