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The Delicate Art of Diem Chau

  Yesterday I came across the beautiful & delicate work of Diem Chau. Diem works in a variety of media – but stays true to ‘Tiny Things’ across all of these, her beautiful little carvings on top of a pencil, carved Crayolas and the beautiful lines on her porcelain pieces. Her show at Milan’s Galleria Patricia […]

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Kristin McFarlane – Glass Artist

I first saw the work of glass artist Kristin McFarlane at an exhibition at Sabia gallery while I was in Sydney for the JMGA conference in 2006. Kristin McFarlane – 3 Kristin’s work appealed to me instantly because of her use of text and print making techniques in her fused glass pieces, her use of […]

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iPhone Fun – SketchMee

Got a new app! I think I’m a sad case! I love playing around with my photos:) This one is called SketchMee and it makes a photo into a drawing. This is me today I’ve used it for some jewellery pieces and it does a nice job of them! Okay, that’s enough of me:) Here’s […]

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