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Enamelling on Copper book

Introducing My New Book – Enameling on Copper!

With the disruptions of the G20 behind us here in Brisbane,  I’ve been thinking about the positives and how it should bring all the countries of the world closer together. The city has been a crazy place to negotiate as buildings and car parks were made secure and kept off-limits to the general public. But there were perks! There was live […]

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Enamelled Headpins by Barbara Lewis

  Barbara Lewis uses these enamelled headpins  in her book ‘Toch Fired Enamel Jewelry’ There have been a few ‘issues’ with cracking of the enamel on headpins, so in this video Barbara shows us an easy way to get a better success rate. Using larger enamel particles, much bigger grains than the normal 80#. Check it […]

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2 Wisteria colour palette

Wisteria Colour Palette

My Garden at Tamborine Mountain was beautiful and even though we have moved away from there the photos I took are still inspiring me. This week’s palette comes from the Wisteria that grew over the latice work of the pergola. Tamborine is a cooler climate than most of Queensland, this is where Wisteria is just […]

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Bamboo Colour Palette

Bamboo – Enamelling Palette

This week we went to buy some bamboo to plant for a screen along the fence line (neighbours looking in…. you know) I had absolutely no idea how many gorgeous varieties there were! This giant bamboo is not going to be too practical in my small garden, but I did get 2 smaller species, can’t […]

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