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1 Creativity & Play: Enjoyment Is the Key!

I believe that everybody is creative! No exceptions!
When students attend my classes for the first time I often hear remarks like this:
“I can’t even draw a straight line” (therefore I am not creative)
“I have tried things before but never really found anything I can do creatively” (so you can see I’m just not creative!)
“I have no ideas!” (that proves I’m not creative!)

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The Move – The Saga Continues

Well, we finally got everything back to Queensland! Boxes everywhere, this seems to be the story of my life for the last 2-3 years! It shouldn’t really amaze me how much I can accumulate in a few years, it’s ‘Abundance in Action’ I reckon! Books, more books and then an extra stack of books….. Tools, […]

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Brunswick Bracelet

Last year I created my Brunswick Bracelet for the Metalclay Masters Registry program, for which I was invited to be an adviser, only one of fifteen artists world-wide, I was in illustrious company there. This bracelet was one I would never have attempted if it hadn’t been for this program. The idea came about when […]

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