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Texture for Metal Clay & Resin workshop at Gold Coast Jewellery Studio in Nerang Queensland

Textures for Metal Clay Workshop was Great Fun!

Creative chaos in the studio this week! Making textures for metal clay or resin. Texture is something everyone loves, it is so versatile and can be combined beautifully with other metals. the possibilities are mind blowing! Great textures waiting to be moulded! Hard working students hand carving textures Even if you’re on crutches after a […]

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1 Paper designs for jewellery ideas

Creativity & Play: Enjoyment Is the Key!

I believe that everybody is creative! No exceptions!
When students attend my classes for the first time I often hear remarks like this:
“I can’t even draw a straight line” (therefore I am not creative)
“I have tried things before but never really found anything I can do creatively” (so you can see I’m just not creative!)
“I have no ideas!” (that proves I’m not creative!)

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Moving my studio

The Move – The Saga Continues

  Well, we finally got everything moved back to Queensland! Boxes everywhere, this seems to be the story of my life for the last 2-3 years! It shouldn’t really amaze me how much I can accumulate in such a short time, it’s ‘Abundance in Action’ I reckon! Books, more books and then another stack of […]

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