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Testing Patinas on Copper

Copper is a favorite in my workshops. It’s a versatile metal, beautiful just as it is, but extending the colour range with different patinas creates even more possibilities.   We used a variety of patinas: Chemical – these react with the metal Non-Chemical – these are applied to cold or preheated metal   Interesting effects […]

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iPhone Fun – SketchMee

Got a new app! I think I’m a sad case! I love playing around with my photos:) This one is called SketchMee and it makes a photo into a drawing. This is me today I’ve used it for some jewellery pieces and it does a nice job of them! Okay, that’s enough of me:) Here’s […]

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Photo Polymer Plates for Jewelry Artists

6 Must-Have Techniques to Make Your Jewelry Totally Unique The use of Photo-polymer Plates in the Visual Arts is extensive! Although Photo-polymer Plates were developed for Flexographic (industrial) printing, artists soon found ways to exploit this very versatile material for making art prints, etchings, artist books and more. Today these plates are also used by […]

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